Steps for setup canon printer

Printing shops have become an essential part of our day-to-day as they fulfill not only all necessary office work but also personal tasks. Canon is a master at making almost the entire variety of printers be they laser or normal. But sometimes it becomes very difficult for non-techies to use these devices, especially when using them for the first time. Due to a lack of technical knowledge, the Canon printer cannot be made properly usable for printing, scanning, or faxing. Don’t feel sad! The technical support team of experts is always at your disposal. Here, get the best technical advice for the installation and configuration of Canon printers. Install the printer driver, USB driver on your Windows and Mac to get hassle-free printing from your Canon printer.

Canon printer setup

Get the details on the wireless setup of the Canon printer and learn how to configure the Canon printer to WiFi on Mac and Windows devices

Although there are several brands of printers on the market, Canon is the first choice of users when it comes to perfect printing. Canon is known for its high-quality printing. To use the printer, the first step is its configuration.

Canon Wireless Printer Settings

If a user wants to know how to canon setup printer, they can easily do so by following a set of instructions. Canon printer wireless settings are used to connect a user’s computer and Canon printer over a wireless network. By establishing a wireless connection, you will have the advantage of printing anywhere using the device. If a file is saved on the device and needs to be printed, simply select the file and print it.

Procedures Relevant to the Installation of Canon Printers

Follow the provided steps one by one to get the Canon printer installation process in a practical way. Take a look at the following points and do the same:

Installing a USB printer for Windows and iOS

  • Follow the given instructions to install a USB printer for Windows and iOS systems:
  • Read the instructions mentioned in the book that came with the printer. You can even find the desired information on Google simply by searching for “manufacturer’s model compatibility”
  • Now, connect the printer to the computer with a USB cable
  • Turn on your printer now
  • Wait for your system to detect the device and install the printer
  • Also, install the printer software
  • In case you don’t have the disc, download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website
  • Run the downloaded file to install the driver. Now your printer is ready to print, scan or fax

Configuring the Canon Printer Wirelessly

Thinking about how to set up a Canon printer on your Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Android phone? Basically, download the “Canon PRINT App”, press the wireless button on your printer, and the information stored on your device, including your WiFi name and password, will automatically move to make the setup process quicker and easier than at any other time.

Different Canon Printer WiFi Configuration Methods

The two methods used in wireless connection are the WPS method and the standard connection method. When a user searches for a Canon printer setup, any of these connection methods can be used. Make sure your Canon printer can connect to the internet before proceeding.

WPS setup connection method: This method is commonly used for Windows and Mac operating systems. The wireless router has a button for WPS. Check the wireless connection settings on the computer, and then enable WEP security. Below are the steps to connect the Canon printer to Wi-Fi:

Turn on the Canon printer and position the router close by so that the WPS button can be within reach.

Press and hold the WiFi button on the printer until the light turns on.

After waiting 2 minutes, press the WPS button on the router.

When searching the network, the blue Wi-Fi light is on. Once connected to a wireless network. The power and Wi-Fi lights will remain motionless.

To check connectivity, try printing a page from the Canon printer.

Put the sheets in the printer and check if the printer works properly.

You have finished connecting your Canon printer to the WiFi network. Try printing a test page and it should work. These steps will assist the user in the wireless setup of the Canon printer.


Do not be discouraged! If the information is not beneficial to you, as we have learned, talented tech specialists work all day and night continuously just for your help. You should partner with them by dialing the provided helpline number and get reliable support for the setup canon printer at a reasonable cost.

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