Steps To Setup Canon Printer

Installing a Canon printer has never been easier. Today in this post you will find a complete guide on how to download and install a Canon printer driver. Canon has a wide range of products such as printers, scanners, cameras, and much more. Providing manuals and guides is not easy for such a large customer base, which is why the www canon com / setup web address gives you all access to download the Canon driver. When installing Canon Pixma or any other on a printer, you need to be careful about the steps and their order. Learn how to use to set up manually. Download manuals and drivers for the complete installation of your canon device. is the official web address provided by Canon for you to download the driver, manual and guides for your Canon printer. Consider it a one-stop shop for all your printer needs. You can manually find the correct version of the driver for your printer. Just type in the model number of the printer and it will automatically find the relevant driver for your printer.

How to set up Canon IJ on Mac?

  • Follow the instructions given below to run the Canon IJ utility on your Mac system.
  • First of all, go to the manufacturer’s site:
  • Now enter the model number of your Canon printer to find the appropriate driver.
  • Your OS version will be automatically detected, if not, select your OS version.
  • Then go to the driver tab to select the driver file. Then click the download button to download the driver.
  • Note: Make sure to download the MP driver included in the Canon IJ Utility package.
  • After the download is complete, move to the location where the driver was downloaded. Finally, tap on the .PKG file to install it.
  • After the installation is complete, click the utilities folder to use IJ Scan Utility and IJ Printer Utility.

Things to do before installing Canon Pinter

Guys, whether you are installing a new or old printer regardless of brand, most people make this mistake and end up wasting a lot of time, energy, and sometimes it can even cause hardware failure in your Canon printer. To make it simple and fast, we have an instant guide that you must follow before proceeding with the installation or reinstallation of the Canon printer driver.

Restart the computer or whatever device, such as a phone or tablet, that you use to install the Canon wireless printer.

Now go to the list of installation applications and remove any old version of the canon driver (software) or any other printer drivers because it is really important to remove the expired, damaged or outdated software to avoid conflicts and technical errors.

Once you’re ready, reboot the devices along with the printer so your computer and phone can clear the system files and prepare to load new ones.

Regardless of Windows, Mac or IOS, please remove the printer from the list of saved printers and make sure to remove the old printer with the old settings so that you can add this new printer.

Take the printer unit out of the box and remove all packing materials.

Place the Canon printer on a flat, stable surface.

Remove the protective material and orange tape from the Canon printer.

If you have a new printer you’d better unplug or prioritize the new printer with the router (we’ll explain later in the post)

Install the printer head and Canon printer ink cartridges.

Insert the A4 size paper into the paper tray correctly.

Connect the cable and turn on the Canon printer. Now the printer is ready to print.

Use to download the Canon driver

You should follow the information provided above before attempting to download the Canon driver. Once done, follow these steps to download the Canon driver.

Make sure you are connected to the internet and open the web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox or Safari on your computer.

At the top of your internet browser, type canon/ijsetup and press Enter.

It should automatically take you to the download site and you need to enter the model number of your printer.

Now you will search for the requested model in the database and find it Click Start on the right

It can provide you with some pre-installation tips on the screen. Follow that.

Depending on your computer’s operating system, it will ask you to download the Canon printer driver.

Download the configuration and install the application


We are a technical support team of canon/ijsetup. We offer a wide range of services, especially to Canon printer users. We provides easy instructions for the printer setup process, installation, and printer related inquiries.

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