Steps To Solve HP Printer Offline Issue

With the invention of network printers, the lives of many business professionals became easy, and HP has contributed a lot in this field. With HP printers, users can print from anywhere without the hassle of worrying about print servers. Nor do you need to send documents to removable media to easily make an impression. But over time, people have come to realize that this is nothing but a pain for users because from time to time they display some error messages that bother users a lot.

Why does my HP printer keeps going offline Windows 10

There are several reasons of HP printer keeps going offline windows 10 over and over again and these reasons are mentioned below:

  • Power or wiring related issues
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Defective or obsolete drivers
  • Windows settings are inappropriate
  • There are some hardware problems in the printer.

To rectify the first cause, you must verify that your printer is connected with cables correctly or not. You can try restarting the printer. To resolve network connectivity problems, you can try disabling connectivity settings. If this doesn’t help to fix the HP printer keeps going offline windows 10, you can use the solution below to fix the problem or contact the HP expert team.

Workaround to correct the “HP Printer Offline” error

When the HP printer goes offline even after trying some basic solutions, you need to change the driver settings because the printers sometimes don’t recognize the printers. If the driver is not customized correctly, the printer may not function as expected. To rectify this, you need to check the driver settings and if it doesn’t work you can download a new one as appropriate. To do this:

  • Open your Windows 10 device and click the “Start” button that is available on the right.
  • From the menu, navigate to the “Device Manager” tab.
  • After this, open the “Drivers and Printers” tab and select your printer from the dropdown list.
  • After selecting the appropriate printer, right-click on it.
  • From here, tap the option that says “Update Driver Software”.
  • After marking your choice, choose from the options, i.e. automatic or manual. This will be based on the availability of the controller in the system.
  • Now, let the driver install it by allowing it.

Now you can try printing a test page and see if your HP printer still shows the status offline.

How do I prevent my HP printer from going offline?

To prevent your HP printer from going offline, over and over, just go to the “Start” menu and click it. After this, tap on the “Devices and Printers” icon and select the name or model number of your printer. This should be followed by double-clicking on it and then on the “Printer” menu. When you see the option that says “Use printer offline”, you should uncheck the box next to it.

If your HP printer is offline, that means it cannot communicate with your operating system. But do not worry! HP printer offline fix is one of the most common HP printer problems and that is why we are always ready for solutions that will change the status of your HP printer from offline to online. But, before moving on to solutions, let’s take a look at what are the possible reasons and symptoms behind your HP printer that says offline issues.


For further help regarding the HP printer offline fix the issue, you can enlist the help of trained professionals from the HP Printer team. They will definitely help you find a solution to your problem using their reliable and proper techniques. The expert technicians are available 24*7 for your help.

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